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The CAD-ST remains very worried about the situation of STMicroelectronics in Crolles, after the last mobilization of employees of this Friday, October 27, 2017 on the 200 mm plant, however it did not affect the production of the site

Thursday 2 November 2017

Following a series of regular mini-stoppages last week, but for the moment not quite followed on the units of manufacture in 200 mm and 300 mm at STMicrolectronics Crolles, last Friday took place a stoppage of one hour, from 13h to 14h, followed this time by about 50% of permanent employees posted present on the manufacturing unit in 200 mm.
Note that again, this short movement at the end of the time period had no impact on production.

In the press release of Friday, October 27, 2017, that the CAD-ST was finalizing even while this movement was taking place, the CAD-ST was already expressing its concerns. You can find this press release on

The CAD-ST considers it very significant that the Crolles site went on strike two years ago spontaneously, whereas no other S T site submitted to the same wage policy had done so. But following the deterrence put in place, it is lassitude that has given way to outrage at Crolles. The CAD-ST therefore considers that this changes the risk of blocking the plant which remains non-zero but is relatively controlled, a risk of loss of skills and recruitment difficulties that are uncontrollable and would have strongly negative effects on the long term.

Just as significant of the social climate in Crolles, the dissuasion vis-à-vis the strikers is materialized during the hours of triggering the walkouts by the presence of three badgers of management who scrutinize and note well the employees who go out to participate in the General Assemblies. For example, the factory manager during the period (or SHOM), a human resources manager (or FRCC) and a team leader (or SAMM) with a certain deterrent effect since some employees have been seen turning back.

Another rather curious deterrent, the justification of which is not yet very clear, had indicated to the striking employees that an additional 30 minutes would be withdrawn from their salary while the other employees would have been offered half-time. hour from 14h to 14h30.

As indicated in our previous press release and hoping that this will make some things change, our organization will come back regularly in future communications on the social climate that reigns in Crolles, which is unique in STMicroelectronics and which can only aggravate the situation , with more or less amusing examples like the "Minority Report in Crolles" case.


- "permanent employees" = "employees with CDI contract"
- "FRCC" is a bad traduction of "CCRH" (a local HR)


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